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Friday, May 28, 2010

a little postering going on

Push up bra
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cigarettes and cocaine
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Me not having a job gives me ample time for making posters. as you can tell I am a bitter, bitter human being. the full body posters are around 6 feet tall and painted with acrylic on newsprints. I have some photocopies which will hopefully be going up within the week, but they're large and it's hard ot find big spots in high traffic areas around here

STILL WORKING on getting zines out but IT WILL HAPPEN I PROMISE YOU ALL just need to finish cover pages. title pages, get photocopies out. when they get done ill get that etsy store set up I SUPPOSE so you all can buy stuff from me (or not buy it thats OK too)

until tomorrrrrrow,

doing some drawing

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for a character battle entry.
at home for summer, broken computer, babysitting, that's not what a welding machine looks like

In Honor Of Brandon J Wallace

Because brandon is leaving, I have made a blog that I will promise to update. I sure hope you're happy, brandon.

to get things rolling, heres a small snapshot of the things I made over this last semester that I liked which may or may not be not very many things!

if you want to see more old art i suggest taking a hop skip and jump over to my flickr